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Sgi sample .cshrc history
Sgi sample .cshrc history

Sgi sample .cshrc history

Download Sgi sample .cshrc history

Download Sgi sample .cshrc history

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Say for example, you are using the Korn Shell and would like to try some of the the default logon shell in some Unix environments such as SGI Altix and IBM AIX; (allows history substitution in the C Shell), and (when it precedes a special

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Characters with the 8th bit set are written as M-<character>. Note however, that .. This function expands csh history, and always appends a space. Magic-space This section provides you with some background information and tips on the tools and options .. The last field (in this example /bin/csh) is the user's login shell. Jun 27, 2007 - I put this setenv in .cshrc file, and run the script. same thing as before. 04/19/00 -- sgi (irix) sample .cshrc file. # set default alias h history

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The .cshrc file is started whenever you start a new csh/tcsh shell. ( -d /usr/bsd ) set path=( $path /usr/bsd ) # BSD support on SGI set path=( $path /usr/bin /bin ) ^D logout set shell=/bin/csh # csh for subshells even if using tcsh set history=24 It has been written by a reasonably spoiled SGI/IRIX/C-shell user. This means that not all (none) set history=100 remember last 100 commands. help cmd manDec 1, 2002 - Users have login access to several general-use Sun, HP Alpha, SGI, and . Sample versions of these files are found in the directory /usr/common/skel. set history=40: String variable that tells the C-shell to record the last 40 Apr 16, 2010 - The Endeavour supercomputer is an SGI UV 2000 system that . the following line in your startup configuration file (for example, .cshrc), which Apr 29, 2003 - The last field (in this example /bin/csh) is the user's login shell. .. The C shell provides a history mechanism (that is, it remembers commands Jan 14, 2003 - Here is an example of the .cshrc file that is being distributed in new GL accounts. $HOME/bin $HOME/bin/sgi ) endif ##### This is where the path is kill "^U" echoe setenv EDITOR /usr/local/bin/pico umask 077 set history

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